Helpful Tips To Consider While Moving Car To Or From Nevada


Nevada State has a lot to offer besides the Las Vegas glamor. It is a popular tourist destination. The casino is the prominent purpose to visit the city of sin but there is also the Lake Tahoe, Shopping galore, exciting sites and Broadway-caliber shows to enjoy.

Outside this Silver State lays stunning natural terrain including endless winding trails inviting outdoor recreationists. Nevada is surrounded by eclectic small towns inviting tourists to shop at the funky gift shops, savor the delectable cuisine, and experience Nevada’s offerings.

If you are migrating to or from Nevada then ensure to book a reliable moving company. However, you will also need an auto transport provider for your vehicle, especially if you are moving beyond California. Nevada auto transport services by Ship A Car, Inc. is a good option because it has 30 years of experience in helping customers get their vehicles from point A to B. The shipping process is made simple and the customers can easily keep track of their car during transit.

Helpful tips to consider while moving car to or from Nevada

  • Open carriers for auto transport are a convenient and cheap option. Ensure to properly schedule the transport because they are slow. They have to drop several cars along the way. On the other hand, a moving company will directly deliver your belongings to the chosen new destination. If you wish that both shipments arrive on the same day then plan and synchronize. You can choose an enclosed transport option with express delivery.
  • If there is sufficient time then schedule car transport in colder months. Summer is busy, so the auto transport companies will charge higher rates.
  • Enclosed carriers are costly because of scarcity and features. When given a choice between enclosed and open transport consider your budget and even the distance. Open carriers get the job done well and are safe but for exotic and high-end cars enclosed option is popular.
  • If possible choose the terminal-to-terminal option because even if having your car picked and delivered at your doorstep is convenient, it comes with a price.
  • Enclosed carriers are equipped with hydraulic lifts, air ride suspension, and soft tie-downs. Your classic or collectible car is protected from weather elements, dust, and even theft. The car is insured with the auto transport company’s insurance as well as the driver offers white-glove treatment. It is an expensive option but if customers value quality and speedy service then this is a superior alternative.
  • No worries about car transportation because it safely reaches the destination. Your car is covered under cargo insurance there will hardly be a need. The car is fixed or strapped tightly on the trailer. There is no chance of other cars hitting is nearly impossible. The adverse thing that can happen is pebbles sent flying by passing vehicle wheels or weather conditions can cause slight damage. These are common issues that car owners experience while driving.

Every auto transport company in Nevada takes into account some variable to estimate the car shipping cost.

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