BMW Latest to be Involved in Dieselgate Scandal


The diesel emissions scandal that broke in 2015 initially involved only the Volkswagen Group but later evolved into something much bigger. Aside from VW, other carmakers eventually got implicated in the scam, including Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and – the latest one – BMW. 

Since 2015, these manufacturers have spent billions, mostly on payoffs – fines, settlement fees, and compensation. This hasn’t changed a bit, though, as more affected car owners have come out to join legal proceedings against the carmakers – and thousands more are expected to come forward.

Being one of the latest carmakers to have been implicated in the diesel emissions scandal has thrust BMW into the limelight, the same way that VW and Mercedes have been a constant presence on news sites. 

The Dieselgate scandal started when US authorities found defeat devices in Audi and VW vehicles sold to consumers in America. The devices can tell when a vehicle is in testing and when they do, they reduce emission levels temporarily so that these would stay within the legal limits that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended. Because of this, the vehicle looks fuel-efficient to authorities. 

However, once it is out of the lab and driven on real roads, the vehicle reverts to emitting massive amounts of nitrogen oxide or NOx. This is a highly reactive gas that negatively affects people and the environment. 

BMW emissions scandal

It was in 2017 when German authorities started investigating the carmaker, along with the VW Group and Daimler (Mercedes’ parent company) in connection with evidence that the three secretly created a cartel and colluded to delay and limit clean emissions technology and reduce diesel emissions. Charges were brought against them and only Daimler came out without having to pay a fine because they reported the existence of the cartel.

The following year, authorities investigating defeat device allegations raided BMW’s headquarters, and this led to the carmaker’s admission of using cheat software to manipulate emissions testing. However, they said that it wasn’t a planned move, and the devices were “mistakenly installed”. Around 11,400 vehicles were implicated in the BMW emissions scandal, which involved specifically models that were purchased between the years 2008 and 2019.

Government researchers also revealed that some of BMW’s diesel engines release toxic pollution that exceeds the legal limits by around seven times. These vehicles emit nitrogen oxide or NOx. As such, BMW has emitted massive volumes of polluted air throughout the UK for years.

This is why industry experts, law firms and their representatives, and authorities are urging affected vehicle owners to bring their carmakers to court through an emissions claim

What is an emissions claim?

An emissions claim is a legal action that affected car owners bring against their carmakers for the use of defeat devices. It is intended to compensate drivers for the inconveniences that they encountered while driving their vehicles. Defeat device-fitted vehicles are considered pollutants as they release voluminous amounts of nitrogen oxide.

Around the world, emissions claims cases number in the hundreds. It is proof that thousands (or possibly millions) of drivers were misled by their carmakers into believing that the cars and vans they purchased were fuel-efficient. 

Compensation provided for the affected drivers varies according to the circumstances of their case. The claims typically focus on:

  • The carmaker’s deceitful actions
  • The carmaker’s disregard of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008
  • Manufacturer financier’s breach of contract
  • The dealership’s breach of contract

Reasons to file an emissions claim

The primary reason why affected car owners should bring forward an emissions claim is for their manufacturer to take responsibility for the lies and mis-selling just to get profit. VW, Mercedes, BMW, and other carmakers involved should be legally reprimanded for their actions. 

Allowing defeat devices to be installed in diesel vehicles also exposed affected car owners and everyone around them to life-threatening NOx emissions. Excessive amounts of NOx emissions contribute to the prevalent issues of air pollution and climate change.  

Other reasons for filing a diesel claim include:

  • Decrease in the vehicle’s market value
  • False claims about the vehicle’s performance
  • Increased maintenance costs and fuel bills

NOx emissions and their life-altering effects on humans

Aside from polluting the environment and damaging vegetation, NOx emissions can also put a person’s life in danger.

Common health impacts that a person exposed to low-level NOx emissions experiences include breathing difficulties, more frequent asthma attacks, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues.

If a person is regularly exposed to high levels of NOx emissions, the repercussions can be life-threatening:

  • Increased risk for cancer
  • Vocal cords spasm and asphyxiation
  • Chronic reduction of lung function
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Premature death

A person’s mental health and cognitive abilities may also be affected.

How can I start my diesel claim?

Not everyone with a BMW, VW, Mercedes, or any affected vehicle is eligible to make a claim. As such, this should be the first thing you should find out. Once you’ve verified that you are qualified to receive Dieselgate compensation, you can start the claims process.

You’ll need relevant information from emissions experts, so visit the website. It’s what’s recommended if you want to move forward with your diesel claim the right way.



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